Art Of Elevator Pitch


Its a matter of minutes!

Results of round 1 out!

Round 1 Results

The following have qualified round 1:

  • Anoop Chitreddy
  • Abhijit Anil Pawar
  • Ankit Sharma
  • Arun Kumar Singh
  • Jaskrit Kohli
  • Malvigha V
  • Midhu N P
  • Priya Sahani
  • Rishabh Bhardwaj
  • Shashank Shekhar
  • Srinivas Raghavan
  • Twinkle Rastogi
  • Vatsal Sethi
  • Yogesh Suresh
  • Cipra Mallik

About the event

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Whether you are a business owner or an employee or a top-notch consultant, every person who wants to generate business should have the art of persuasion, especially, the Art of an Elevator Pitch!

Your ideal investor stands at the elevator entrance. It is a perfect opportunity to fulfil your dreams. You have only two minutes of an elevator ride to make an impression and gain his confidence.

Craft your words.

Pitch for your idea.

Persuade them to invest.

Here’s the 'Art of Elevator Pitch' bringing both the potential investor & those exciting two minutes before you.

Get ready with your Elevator Pitch!


The event’s focus is on pitching for your idea and convincing your potential investor to invest in it, all within a short time span. The elevator door opens and there stands your ideal investor. It’s the chance of a lifetime. But that chance only lasts as long as the elevator ride – you have less than a minute or two to make an impression! It is all about how creative you can get in crafting a flawless pitch, delivering it without a twitch, and ultimately gaining the investor’s confidence within that short time span.

The competition consists of three rounds as mentioned below:

Round-1: Pre-Eximius

  • This round presents to you with a case with three business problems [you may choose to attempt any one]
  • Each problem is designed to have a background / scenario, problem(s) / issue(s), relevant data, and a question or statement requiring your response.
  • The questions are meant to be fairly open-ended. 10 candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of this round.

Round-2: At IIMB Campus

  • A theme will be provided to you two days before the competition. You have to prepare a business idea based on this theme.
  • You have only 120 seconds to pitch the investor about your idea.
  • There will be no Q&A in this round. 5 participants who are able to impress the judges with their pitch will be invited into the final round.

Round-3: At IIMB Campus

  • Participants will be given 3 hours to prepare their final pitch. Here, you will have 10 minutes to pitch your idea.
  • The pitch does not necessarily require a PowerPoint presentation. Remember, creativity is the key here! Your ultimate aim is to sell your product.
  • This will be followed by a Q&A.


Register your teams here Download Case study

Round-1: Pre-Eximius

  • Any one problem (out of the three) has to be attempted
  • Answers should be sent in PDF files
  • The answers must not exceed 2 pages ( keeping font size at 12).
  • The mail subject and the file name should be “AOEP_YourName_CollegeName”.
  • You can mail to ‘’

Round-2: At IIMB Campus

  • No note cards or PowerPoint may be used during the competition
  • The pitch should not exceed 120 seconds
  • Your business idea should follow the theme provided two days before the competition.


  • Last date of submission for Round 1: 23rd July
  • Declaration of results of Round 1: 26th July
  • Final day events (Round 2 and Round 3): 5/6th August
  • Final Results: 5/6th August


For any doubts regarding AOEP, please contact:

Biswajit Barua