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Round 1 Results

  • HOPE
  • Fusion
  • The Trident
  • Quadband
  • Mavericks
  • Cruisers
  • Blue Diamond
  • Noujove

The following teams have qualified round 1:

About the event


Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and the Bansal brothers have been celebrated by the world. But there is a much larger world of micro entrepreneurs in the emerging markets like India. Micro entrepreneurs are parallel entrepreneurs who start, own and operate multiple businesses at the same time. Such entrepreneurs are fostered by large MNCs through their CSR activities to create sustainable business environment. It is a win- win situation for the entrepreneurs and the MNCs. Following is an illustration – Asha, a farm labourer in Maharashtra was approached by a multinational FMCG company to be its direct – to – consumer sales distributor in her village. The company trained her along with many other self-help group women in selling, commercial knowledge, bookkeeping and taught them to become fully- fledged micro entrepreneurs. These women were part of the company’s distributors while they could also set up their own business units. This model not only hepled provide sustained financial security to the microentrepreneurs but also helped the company expand its distribution network and reach. Such sustainable plans are associated with the CSR activities for a company. Today CSR marketing is a new sub-science of the world of marketing at large. In fact, it is the best thing to do when you are a big brand with a footprint of consumption across the world. Put on your creative caps and come up with a CSR plan for any of the FMCG brand of your choice. The plan must foster micro entrepreneurs (say fruit/ vegetable vendors, women SHGs, farm laborers, construction workers etc.) while creating value for the FMCG good chosen in its Marketing or sales activities.


The case competition will have two rounds as mentioned below:

Round-1: Pre-Eximius

  • The deliverable of the first round will be a PowerPoint presentation detailing the CSR strategy for the chosen category in a district. There should be details of feasibility. The impact on micro entrepreneurs and either marketing or sales results which must be the by product.
  • The team has to design a CSR strategy for a given brand, specifically targeted towards enhancing the livelihoods of micro-entrepreneurs in a district of their choice.
  • Participants will have to choose 1 FMCG brand from the list given by the organizing team and craft a CSR plan for that particular brand
  • This is an elimination round and only qualifying teams will proceed to round 2 of the competition
  • Round 1 results will be declared within 5 days of the round 1 submission deadline
  • To access the topics, register for the event after logging in with the ID you used for registering for Eximius 16. Post registration, you can access the topics under a separate "Prelims topics" tab.

Round-2: At IIMB Campus

  • 6 teams will qualify for round 2
  • The qualifying teams will be given a limited budget. The teams extend the plan which would now also include the cost analysis and estimated financial pay-outs of the CSR strategy.
  • The presentation for round 2 will take place on campus (IIM-B) during Eximius where participants will be required to present the CSR plan.
  • 1 winner and 2 runners up will be declared finally


  • Each team can have maximum 4 participants and minimum 3 participants
  • Multiple teams from the same college are allowed
  • All the participants must belong to the same institute
  • A student cannot be part of more than one team
  • The participants must carefully read through and agree to the following Terms & Conditions before registering:
    • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with organizing committee of Eximus, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
    • The format and structure of events is subject to change before the actual beginning of the event


  • 24th July, 2017 (11:59:59 PM): Round 1 deadline – Last date for submission of B-Plan.
  • 27th July, 2017: Results of Round 1 to be released
  • 4/5/6th August, 2017: Final Round takes place at IIM Bangalore Campus.


1st Prize: INR 8000

2nd Prize: INR 5000

Submission Guidelines

About the event


Round 1: Pre-Eximius

  • Submissions to be sent to: disruptivemarketeers.eximius@gmail.com
  • Submissions to be sent before: 24th July 2017
  • Subject line of the email: Dismarketeers_[Team Name]_[College Name]_Round 1
  • Submission format: .ppt/.pptx
  • Body of Email: Name, Contact Number, Email Id, Team Registration Id, Institute name of each team member
  • Filename: [Team Name]_[College Name]_Round 1

Round 2: At IIMB Campus

  • The finalist teams are required to bring their presentation to the finals.
  • Each team has to present the plan in the form of a PPT (Maximum 10 slides excluding team details and thank you) to the judges.
  • The time limit for each group is 10 mins of presentation followed by 5 mins of Q&A with judges and audience.
  • The presentation should explain why the idea can work on a district chosen for project implementation and list ways to implement it.
  • Submissions and the mail should be titled as TeamName_College_dismarketeers.pdf and sent to DisruptiveMarketeers_Eximius@gmail.com before 23:59:59 Hrs 3rd August 2017
  • The mail should contain team name, team member names, contact numbers, Email IDs and institute names for each participant.


For any doubts regarding Disruptive Marketeers, please contact: Prerna