Game of Clicks

Game of Clicks2017

The digital marketing event

Results of round 1:

The following teams have been shortlisted for round 2:

  • Brute Force (IIMB)
  • The Musketeers (IIMB)
  • Blaze (IIT Roorkee)
  • Team Zephyr (Goa Institute of Management)
  • The three marketeers (IIMB)

About the event

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Get your marketing hats on! It is marketing challenge like no other, where teams compete in real time in the world for digital marketing. Digital marketing can make or break any internet start-up. We give opportunity to students to collaborate with start-ups to develop their marketing strategies. The buck doesn’t stop here, teams get 2 weeks and real money to test it on social platforms.


The competition will have three rounds as mentioned below:

Round-1: Pre-Eximius

  • Participating teams need to send in a submission based on the concept of digital marketing. Exact details in Prelims Guidelines tab.
  • Top Teams will be selected based on Round 1 submission.
  • Evaluation would be done on the team’s understanding of digital marketing.

Round 2:

  • Each finalist team would develop a digital marketing strategy for an assigned startup for 1 week and run it live for 2 weeks across various platforms.
  • After running the campaign, teams would have to summarize the strategy and results for final on-campus presentation

Round-3: At IIMB Campus

  • Teams would present their marketing plan and results to a panel of judges.
  • Each team would be given 10 minutes to present, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.
  • Evaluation would be done on short term and long-term impact of marketing strategy, uniqueness of idea and cost effectiveness of strategy.


  • Each team can have 2-3 members.
  • All members of the team should be currently students of a graduate or a post graduate course in any stream.
  • Same college/cross college teams are eligible to participate in the event.
  • Decision of the organizers will be final and binding in all cases.
  • Participants should register online on Eximius’ site by 18th July 2017, 11:59:59 PM.
  • Each team needs to bring one laptop of their own for the event.


  • 18th July 2017 (11:59:59 PM): Round 1 deadline
  • 20th July 2017: Results of Round 1 to be released
  • 21st July 2017: Start of Round 2
  • 4th August 2017: End of Round 2
  • 5th-6th August 2017: Final Round (Round 3) to be held at IIM Bangalore campus


  • 1st Prize: INR 50,000
  • 2nd Prize: INR 30,000
  • 3rd Prize: INR 20,000

  • Submission Guidelines

    Please Register yourself here

    “Well begun is half done.” For any startup to be successful, it is necessary to gain the initial traction and to achieve the initial momentum the right marketing strategy is an essential ingredient. With the ever growing penetration of internet, the increasingly greater engagement with cell phones, digital marketing offers the potential to make the initial impact. The round one of Game of Clicks aims at testing this potential.
    Participants need to provide a comprehensive evaluation of various digital marketing tools. Facebook, Google ad words, App-based ads, blogs, SEO or anything that can help a startup reach the target customers can be your candidate for evaluation.
    Comparision must throw light on:

    • the reach of a particular tool/platform,
    • the kind of product/services that a tool is suitable for,
    • customer engagement level of the tool,
    • cost comparison etc.

    Round 1:

    Participants need to submit a presentation not exceeding 10 slides. The above point are supposed to serve as broad guidelines and participants may choose to add any other criterion that they consider relevant for the evaluation.

    • All submissions to be sent on :
    • Format of submission: Subject & File name: Team Name_RoundNo._Game of Clicks

    Round 2:

    • Strategy to be developed & implemented by shortlisted teams across various platforms like Adwords, Facebook, Twitter over a 3 weeks’ time
    • Money for implementation will be provided by organizers.

    Round 3:

    5-10 slide presentation and should contain the following:

    • Marketing plan
    • Implementation Timeline
    • Results
    • Short Term impact of marketing strategy
    • Long-Term impact of marketing strategy
    • Cost-Benefit analysis
    • Future Recommendations

    Mail the presentation by 4th August 2017 (11:59:59 pm)


    For any doubts regarding Game of Clicks, please contact:

    Ajinkya Domale
    Pranjal Prateek
    Kshitij Agrawal