Lord of Ents

Lord of Ents2017

Get your quizing hats on

About the event

It is a fun quiz focused on Entrepreneurship primarily with questions and puzzles on the latest or famous happenings across the globe. It is a fun and popular event with intricately designed questions in the puzzle format.


The case competition will have two rounds as mentioned below:


  • This is an elimination round and teams will be shortlisted based on their score.
  • Top 7-8 teams will be selected
  • Tie-breakers will be time dependent.


  • The shortlisted teams will be given lesser time and more difficult clues
  • The top three teams will go to the final round


  • his competition is open to all students.
  • Teams applying should be of size 2 and members can be from different campuses.
  • Only one answer should be given by the team.


  • 5th August 2017, 12:30 PM


  • 1st Prize – 2000
  • 2nd Prize – 1000
  • 3rd Prize – 500

Infrastructure Requirements


  • Number of participants per team: 02 per team
  • Upper limit on participation: 25
  • Participation closing date: on the spot
  • Submission closing date: on the spot
  • Prelims logistical requirements: paper, pens, microphone (2)
  • Number of qualifying teams: depends on registration
  • Date of announcement of finalists: same day


  • Venue requirements: paper, pens, microphone
  • Other logistical requirements: none
  • Judges: not required
  • Hospitality requirements: none
  • Finals: date same day


For any doubts regarding Lord of Ents, please contact: Beauty Barman