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Have you ever thought of capitalizing your hobby and passion for art?
May be! Occasionally! But what stops you?
We are here to answer the most important question that pesters everyone – HOW TO START?
It is never too late to start. There are a lot of opportunities knocking at our doorsteps, patiently waiting for us to grab. Here is an event for those who have ever thought of following their passion for art and monetizing it. If you have let your passion take a backseat until now. Get ready, here is the time to listen to you heart and show your vigour. Canvas in partnership with ENI, IIMB presents Magnifico, which is an activity cum competition between enthusiasts. The workshop is so framed that it will provide real time entrepreneurship experience to the participants and help them materialize their ideas with the assistance provided by the esteemed speaker.


Company, Alohomora* is celebrating its Golden Jubilee and wants to present a souvenir to all its employees as a token of respect and loyalty. It has thus, opened a Request for Proposal for a Creative** decided by the company. Teams need to go to the market place, buy the required materials with the Alohomora* land money and make a prototype of the required Creative. While making the quotation for the proposal, teams must take into consideration the price of the Creative and cost to be incurred. Finally, teams will have to present their quotation along with their Creative prototype to the judges.

*(hypothetical name)
p.s- all the materials to be procured will be provided to the participants at the workshop venue itself


Mr. Harish Closepet-Founder,

Mr. Harish Closepet is a wonderful husband and loving father to his 2 daughters. He's great at cooking, cleaning up after his puppies and makes the best cocktails you've ever tasted. He's lived in Australia and Singapore for 12 years and after moving back to India is now an avid traveller and has visited over 20 countries with his family tagging along. He plays golf, professional table tennis and loves keeping fit. Apart from these, Harish is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and a self-imposing business management professor to his kids.
Harish graduated from BMS College of Engineering in '87 majoring in Civil Engineering. He set up his first business a year later in the construction field and 2 years after that, moved to Singapore in search of more opportunities. He continued to work in the construction field as a buyer of construction materials. Two years later, in search of even better opportunities, Harish and his wife, Rashmi found themselves moving to Australia. He worked in Australia for 7 years as buyer in a bargain retail chain and 3 years as the manager of a chocolate factory. Yes, he'd get free samples every night.
Throughout their journey in Australia, the family always hoped they could come back to India to do something more fulfilling and be closer to their families. Harish and Rashmi always shared a dream of empowering women in India and found a way to do that using their entrepreneurial drive. Starting their journey in India in 2004, with 20 employees they now employ over 1000 women in rural areas and run an office with 200 co-workers.

Itsy Bitsy

The company, Itsy Bitsy is India's largest hobby and craft chain and they now have 20 stores pan India. They export to over 60 countries and have now started their own export label, Little Birdie. For more details visit:


Events will be in two parts

  • Experience imparting session
  • Competition - Capitalizing your Hobby of Art


  • Every team should have minimum three or maximum five members (you can form group at the workshop itself).
  • The required logistics will be provided at the venue.
  • Every group will be judged on the defined set of parameters, judges’ decision will be considered final.
  • Prizes and Goodies assured

Judging criteria:

  • Design Features and Aesthetics of the creative
  • Price of product and Cost balance


To be updated


For any doubts regarding Magnifico, please contact:

Shreya Mukherjee
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    +91 97488 53176
Pranjali Debnath
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