Make It Green

Round 1 Deadline- 21st July 2018

"The best way to predict the future is to design it." -Buckminster Fuller

Climate change is real and with the rising threat of global warming our responsibility to protect the environment is indispensable. With the innovative and entrepreneurial skills that our generation possesses, we all need to work collectively to face this threat and tackle pressing environmental issues. Do you have what it takes to come-up with a cost efficient, effective and sustainable solution to solve the problems at hand? If yes, then get ready to kick-start those grey cells, we present to you Make it Green, a case study competition aimed at solving critical environmental issues.

Case study for Round 1

Round 1 Submission link.
(Deadline: 23:59:59, 21st July)

Contact: Sanath Upadhya
Ph. No: +91 77602 42473

Contact: Sahil Gupta
Ph. No: 91584 05431