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The Other Incentive2017

Bring about a social change

Round 1 Results are out!

Round 1 Results

The following teams have qualified round 1:

  • Hope
  • Sukoon
  • The Recyclers
  • Three Musketeers
  • Dharma-Dhan
  • MaidEasy
  • Trash Log
  • SMS4Life

About the event

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Passion is what drives entrepreneurs - Passion to make a difference and to create an impact!
Do you believe that your idea can bring about a social change and do you have the zeal to bring your idea to life? Do you believe in measuring success not by the monetary impact but by the social impact of your idea?
If yes, then we invite you to participate in ‘The Other Incentive’, a business plan competition where you can showcase your idea that will create a better world, a better tomorrow.


  • All teams are required to participate in Round 1 by submitting a brief presentation about their idea. Ten teams will be shortlisted and will be invited to participate in Round 2.
  • The second round of the competition will involve submitting a detailed presentation about the business plan (refer to 'Submission Guidelines' for more information).
  • The finalists will present their plans to a panel of judges who will in turn determine the winner and the runners up of the competition (refer to 'Evaluation Criteria' for more details).


  • This competition is open to students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees and to start-ups who are engaged in social entrepreneurship and who are in their initial stages
  • A team can have a maximum of four members
  • A member can be part of only one team
  • A team cannot submit more than one business plan

Evaluation Criteria

  • Problem and background assessment: 20%
  • Market fit for the product/service: 20%
  • Innovativeness of the solution: 20%
  • Business model validity: 20%
  • Presentation and Q&A: 20%


  • 22nd July, 2017 (11:59:59 PM): Round 1 deadline
  • 24th July, 2017: Results of Round 1 will be released
  • 3rd August, 2017 (11:59:59 PM): Round 2 deadline to submit final presentations
  • [ ]: Final presentations to be conducted during Eximius at IIM Bangalore


1st Place: Rs. 50000

2nd Place: Rs. 30000

Submission Guidelines

Register your teams here

  • Submission to be sent to:
  • Subject line of email: Team Name_RoundNo._TheOtherIncentive
  • Submissions for Round 1 to be sent on or before: 11:59:59PM, 22nd July, 2017
  • Round 1: 3 slide presentation of the business plan by 22nd July 2017. Please include the following in your submission:
    • Business idea & target segment
    • Social impact measurement/assessment
    • Revenue model of the business
  • Submissions for Round 2 to be sent on or before: 11:59:59PM, 3rd August, 2017
  • Round 2: 5 slide presentation which should include the following:
    • Summary of the idea
    • Customer perspectives: What customer problem does the idea solve?
    • Potential market size
    • Proposed value proposition
    • Details of product or service
    • Revenue model and pricing
    • Sales and distribution model
    • Social impact measurement and assessment
Deadline will not be extended under any circumstances


For any doubts regarding The other incentive, please contact:

Nikita Agrawal