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Fundraising is not for the Fainthearted

About the event

Every aspiring entrepreneur today sees fundraising as his/her “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”. But it is a market with many more ventures than investors. Raising funds is an art-form that needs some luck, some connections, a lot of perserverance, the know-how, and of course a good idea and team. How do you stand out among the crowd, when is the right time, how much is enough, what should you go armed with for a meeting with an investor, how should you prepare, which investor is right for you?

To answer these, and better prepare you to fundraise, IvyCamp is organizing a workshop at Eximius, IIM Bangalore on 5th August, 2017. The workshop will be led by fundraising experts, and an entrepreneur who will share his own experience in raising funds successfully.

The speakers

  • Mr. Shashi Shekhar - Partner, Grant Thornton India
  • Mr. Santhosh Chandrasekaran - Director, Grant Thornton India
  • Mr. Subham Jain - CoFounder and CEO, GrabOnRent (funded by IvyCap Ventures & Unicorn India Ventures)


The workshop is organized into three segments:

The fund-raising process:
  • Reasons why someone invests in a startup
  • A typical startup life cycle and bracing for the adventure as it’s not for the faint hearted
  • Reasons one shouldn’t startup
  • Funding process
  • Boot-strapped vs external funding
  • What do VCs look for
  • Successful fund raising is not a guarantee for success
Being compliant and investment ready:
  • Common pitfalls
  • Why start-ups fail to raise funds
  • What regulations impact you directly
  • Preparing yourself for fundraising
Fundraising journey of an entrepreneur:
  • When was the right time & how much
  • Choosing and approaching investors
  • Pitching
  • Failures & Successes
  • Post Fundraising

Participants will have to pay a sum of ₹200/- for registration


  • Date: 5th August, 2017.


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