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The key to the magical world of entrepreneurship!

About the event

Is entrepreneurship a natural or nurtured quality? Am I ready for a start-up right now or should I get some experience? Whom should I get as partners?
How much funding will I need to start-off? What is more important for a business- valuation or value? What do I need to give up on this path?
If these are your inner dialogues, then KJSS is a program specially designed for you.
Entrepreneurship essentially starts with a deep desire of an individual to find a more powerful expression for one-self in the professional space. It propels one into a transformative zone where one creates a fast paced, challenging and exciting life for self.
The workshop will unwrap the bling and buzz around entrepreneurship and provide a realistic perspective on entrepreneurship as a journey and not as a milestone or a tag. More importantly, it will provide tools to help you customize your path to entrepreneurship.
The program is developed by Prashaste Education & Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd-, a leading business transformation organization.

The speaker

Deepak is the Executive Director of Prashaste.
An IIM Calcutta alumnus, Deepak found the love of his life after a long struggle of over ten years. This journey first saw him driving channel sales of trucks & buses at Tata Motors. Post his MBA, as a banker at Axis Bank he was appraising billion-dollar worth infrastructure projects.
Itching to jump into entrepreneurship, Deepak first dabbled with two small ventures before joining his father, an auto industry veteran, at Prashaste in 2011. He started off as a consultant before leading their consulting practice in a few years.
In 2015, he decided to make the final switch in his career. He discovered that the purpose of his work is to transform people by bringing CHEERS to the learning process.
He moved off the consulting practice and established a new learning & development vertical at Prashaste. He pioneered the concept of ‘post learning implementation” where business growth is driven through a scientific people transformation process. Within two years, he has established Prashaste as one of the leading people solutions providers in Auto and Oil & Gas industry and made a foray into ten different industries.

About Prashaste

Prashaste is a transformation company that helps organizations in driving business results through business and people solutions.
In a short span of seven years, Prashaste has partnered with over 2000 organizations including six fortune 500 clients across 10 industries. The key clients include Mahindra, Toyota, Honda, VW, Tata Motors, Castrol, JCB, Petronas, TAFE, DQS India, TVS & Sons, L&T Construction, Festo, Audi, redBus, ACT, Urban Ladder, Volvo Eicher, BPCL and others.
Currently, the team is integrating technology into their learning and business solutions and is about to launch a slew pf products.


  1. Self–expression & validation- The seeds of entrepreneurship should be internal and not external. Most of the times, our decisions and actions are in reaction to a situation rather than to create a situation. Therefore, decisions need to be validated before jumping into the fray.
  2. Clarity – Are you clear about the value which is to be created, communicated, demonstrated and delivered ?
  3. Readiness- What motivates you the most when you think about starting-up – purpose, passion, compulsion or love for money / fame? Are you ready to bleed willingly?
  4. Success Mantra- What are the key drivers of success – a good idea, ideal time, the right team, business model, funding.
  5. The billion-dollar choice- Creating Value Vs Riding Valuations
  6. The Journey- From employee to an intrapreneur to an entrepreneur, one can customize their path to being a leader. What are the key milestones?


  • Date: 6th August, 2017.
  • Time: 10 am - 11 am .


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