ACT Case Competition

ACT is India’s largest Fiber-based ISP company and provides broadband and cable service to over 2.5 million customers. ACT’s vision is to be the most admired in-home entertainment and education service provider. Actuation is a case competition by ACT launched in association with Eximius 2019, IIM Bangalore. The competition is open to students from India’s top management institutes. Calling upon the best business minds of the country to come up with disruptive solutions to the challenges ACT faces on its journey to becoming India’s largest in-home content channel provider. Problem Statement: In the context of OTT content providers becoming more prominent-challenging the traditional channels, ACT has launched their own OTT streaming device to leverage the growing demand. The requirement is a study of the market opportunities and design of a go-to-market strategy (online and offline), differentiating the product among other ISPs, along with a roadmap to reach the first million customers. Teams will consist of three members from the same institute.

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