SocialPact is an event to bring together Corporates and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) towards making an impact in the social sector. As corporations are evolving into entities which are more attached to communities, Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is not just about fulfilling the legal obligation of having to donate to charity but generating goodwill among society through making an overall positive impact on communities, cultures, societies, and environments in which they operate. NGOs acts as the perfect channel for doing CSR as they have access to remote and rural areas and can assess and identify the real needs of the community and work along with companies to ensure the successful implementation of CSR activities. India has over 31 lakh NGOs - one NGO for about 400 Indians, which provides a lucrative opportunity for the corporates. With this veritable ocean of NGOs, it isn't easy to pick the right one for a company to engage in CSR intervention. Companies require the need for effective evaluation mechanisms in place for the companies to invest in. SocialPact in incepted with the idea of bridging the gap between the need for CSR to obtain channels to engage in impactful CSR through exposure to a budding pool of NGOs. It provides a platform for Corporates to gain access to NGOs which are filtered through suitable evaluation and thus provides the opportunity to identify and collaborate with the NGOs to make a sustainable social impact.

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