THE THINK FACTORY presents a design thinking workshop for innovative problem solving at Eximius. Design thinking begins with keeping the ‘user’ at its centre; when applied to the business world, this method ensures that the unique needs of a customer are addressed through the product/service/process. The workshop is a hands on, high energy, interactive and immersive session that is a bird’s eye view of methods that designers use in their work. It will unpack the design methodology and its application to creative problem solving across different industries and business verticals. Participants will get a brief look into:

  • How to unpack the goals & needs of a project and define the problem by Stakeholder Mapping, Brainstorming, Visioning, etc.
  • Create user journey maps to understand the unique and specific needs of the users and identify pain points and design directions
  • Synthesise research to generate and gain insights
  • Sketch to ideate, visualise and communicate ideas. Learn to use storyboarding, wireframes, paper prototypes, etc. to prototype iteratively

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