The Mad Talk by Mad Over Marketing

Mad Over Marketing presents ‘The Mad Talk’ to evoke the inner marketeer in aspiring entrepreneurs like you! When it comes to start-ups, marketing can very well be it's lifeline as a well-executed campaign alone can ensure phenomenal success. So, if you wish to take your start-up to the next level, The Mad Talk is a perfect match for you! Through an interactive event, MoM will engage the participants and introduce to them the three pillars of marketers – attention, perception & communication – qualities essential in successfully marketing a start-up. From the evolution of advertising and relevant products to emerging marketing trends like minimal advertising and ambush marketing, this event covers it all. Given the rise of social media as one of the most important communication channels with customers, participants will get an insight into eminent brand personalities and wars on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and the essence of timeliness in social media. With discussions on depiction of feminism vs sexism through ads, fun trivia and the Mad Over Marketing Quiz, participants are sure to be entertained!

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